It’s 1908.  Both your ma and pa are emancipated slaves living below The Mason-Dixon Line.  
It is still a racist white America. Negro lynchings are popular and inconsequential.  Do you demand your freedom?  Maybe.  Do you knock out white men? No.  Do you have sex with white women? Definitely not, Do you marry white women?  Hell No!  Jack Johnson did.  
Jack Johnson, the first African American heavyweight world champion, was an African American before his time. He did things in the late 1800’s through the early 1900s that some may consider suicidal. "Dare to Be Black: The Jack Johnson Story" written by and starring Tommie J. Moore, directed by Rome Neal, brings Jack Johnson and his story to life.
Although Johnson's physical stature was threatening, his charm and story telling made him lovable. He defeated dozens of white hopefuls and many in white America could not stand it. After defeating the Great White Hope, Jim Jeffries, Johnson faced a new nemesis. The Courts charged him with violating the Mann Act, which banned interstate and foreign trade of white women for prostitution.  
Of course the charges were bogus and Johnson did not hesitate to state that fraudulent practices were adopted. Today, Sen. John McCain and Congress members Peter King and Gregory Meeks are trying to get President Obama to pardon Jack Johnson for those false charges. See us bring Jack Johnson's story to life with this play. And help us get Jack Johnson pardoned - and win a final bout.
“Dare to Be Black: The Jack Johnson Story,” is one of the most important plays of 2016. Tommie J. Moore, the playwright and star of this most insightful one-man drama, brings a compassionate, human dimension to the first “Negro” heavyweight boxing champion of the world.
- Ron Scott (The Amsterdam News)

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