For 35 years, Pulitzer Prize winning THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY has
nurtured hundreds of playwrights through its EMERGING PLAYWRIGHTS
PROGRAM. In June, 2006, we launched NEW CITY, NEW BLOOD, a play
reading series designed to serve our audiences and writers even
better. Curated by Michael Scott-Price, TNC Literary Manager, NEW
CITY, NEW BLOOD will provide a hearing for worthy plays in earlier
stages of Development. Audiences will get the opportunity to provide
feedback, and artists will gain valuable insight from audience
response. Be sure to check for
details about upcoming readings. Please join us!

Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Executive Director presents


Monday, April 16th 7pm

$5 suggested

The Travelling Irish by Katharine Dreves

The reading presentation is directed by Katharine Dreves

The Travelling Irish, set at a small university’s dean’s office, is a comedy where the staff finds itself in the wake of Katrina’s destruction in 2005 New Orleans, struggling to navigate not just the perils of living in post-Katrina times, but also to hold together their once manageable lives – a delicate balancing act that, eventually, not everyone is able to maintain.


Brian - Steven Rice

Virginia - Melanie Glancy

Barbara - Sophia Romma

Jeffrey - Gary Dooley

Yvonne - M. LaVora Perry


Katharine Dreves is originally from Ohio, and she has lived in New Orleans, London, Germany, and Mississippi. An English composition and literature instructor at Fordham University and Iona College, she earned her MFA from The City College of New York, and you can read her work in City College’s The Promethean and Poetry in Performance, and Z Publishing’s New York’s Best Emerging Poets. She currently resides in Harlem, NY.

 New City, New Blood readings season began November 2017.
 Submissions for the season are now ongoing.




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