He got a chance to be a Beatle for 100 days at the height of the band's popularity. 

The story of Paul McCartney's double.

Written by Claude Solnik

Directed by Donna Mejia

Alexander Santullo……………..Technical Director


John Anthony Gorman…. Billy Campbell

Olivia Boren……………....Rita

Ed Altman……………….. George Martin

Tyler Beau Humphries….Neil Aspinall

Sophie Max………………Emma/Michelle

Michael Metta……………Tommy


"Nowhere Man" weaves tale of McCartney's double

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY - Theater for the New City Executive Director Crystal Field is presenting "Nowhere Man," a new play about a man hired as a double for one of the Fab Four.

The play written by Claude Solnik and directed by Donna Mejia, is being presented June 8 to 18 at Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave., New York, New York.

John Anthony Gorman plays Billy Campbell in this story about someone hired to be Paul McCartney's double in the 1960s, and Olivia Boren plays  his girlfriend Rita.

Ed Altman plays George Martin, the Beatles' arranger, and Tyler Beau Humphries plays Neil Aspinall, the band's road manager.

Sophie Max plays Emma/Michelle, a fan who follows the band, and Michael Metta plays Tommy, her British boyfriend.

"As a London native, music, the Beatles and the city are all things I'm well versed in," Boren, part of a cast including numerous performers from the United Kingdom, said. "I'm also excited to finally be able use my natural accent for the first time since working in the U.S."

Sophie Max, who plays a Beatles fan, also sees Nowhere Man as a chance to play an interesting character in a story that hits close to home.

"I'm a British actress and a huge Beatles fan," she said, "so this play is particularly special for me."

After the Beatles stopped performing at the height of their success, some fans became convinced the singer had died in a car accident.

Rumors circulated that McCartney had crashed and the band concealed the fact, even hiring a double to keep going.

In fact, the band stopped performing and did studio work after the sounds of shouting fans began to drown out their music at concerts.

In Nowhere Man, the Beatles' handlers, such as George Martin, the band's arranger, and Neil Aspinall, their road manager and assistant, orchestrate the hiring.

"It's a Faustian bargain," Solnik said. "Someone's hired to be someone else for the cameras and crowds. The get some of the glory, but they have to give up their own private life, their own identity."

Nowhere Man - June 8-18, Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave., www.theaterforthenewcity.net212-254-1109.

June 8 - June 18


Students and Seniors: $15.00

1 hr. 45 minutes

Community Space

One intermission

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