Primy L. Rivera

(Actor, Teacher, Mentor, Friend)

"Come celebrate a life too short but well-lived"
February 18 - 1:00 PM

Saying Goodbye

         So another Soul has left us. But what can you say when an Artist leaves this Earth! Just Goodbye– it was great knowing you– our tears are shed for our lost friendship.

For our lost good times together,

for a Soul so Brave and Bright and quick to lend a Hand.

         To lend a hand?

         To lend his coat in winter!

         To lend his talent and his teaching!

         To lend?

         Oh no– to give!

         Yes that is what my Primy did– He gave.

         He gave of himself in everyway–

         He gave his time–

         Every time and anytime

         He gave us Hope and motivation

         He gave us Delight in the moment

         He gave us the courage to never look back–

         To always go forward to the light of what’s to come–

         He Sang– He Danced– He even flew up in the air

in “Uncle Wiggly,” And a man of such girth, to harness him and up he went–

         He Taught– what a wonderful teacher he was– for at risk kids,–for kids living in temporary housing– for kids on the edge of the criminal justice system, and for neighborhood little angels of all ages– from tots to teens–

         He gave–

         And so I say, how can we say goodbye to a Soul like that?!

We can’t– Because he gave himself to us. And all the things he gave were part of him.

         And we still have them!

         So we won’t say goodbye.

         We’ll say hasta luego pero no adios to you Primy–

         Hasta lugeo pero no adios Primitivo– Hasta luego!

-Crystal Field


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