Crystal Field and Theater for the New City (TNC) will present a varied schedule "Scratch Night” performance program, which offers the opportunity for artists to present work in progress to an audience for one night. Scratch Night started in the United Kingdom in 2000 to show work in progress in an evolution of performances. Theater for the New City was the first theater in America to do Scratch Night and the idea is now taking root most notably in other U.S. cities including Philadelphia and Seattle. At TNC, we will put our own spin on the idea to best serve our own theatre community and New York area audiences.

Scratch Night is looking for a variety of the most daring artists to try out their coolest thoughts on stage and the audience will help in the development by way of TNC’s scratch ballot. Scratch Nights will take place throughout the year on a varied schedule. All theatrical forms are welcome. All stages of development are welcome.

Scratch Night at TNC will continue Monday, February 26th at 7pm 

$5 Suggested Donation

Summoned by Sheyenne Javonne Brown

This work-in-progress presentation is directed by Sheyenne Javonne Brown

A play inspired by the timeless myth of Orpheus and Eurydice but set against the Black Live's Matter movement in NYC, Summoned follows the journey of newly wedded couple, Astraia and Delano, as they try to navigate the ugliness of a corrupt legal system and the demons hovering over their relationship simultaneously. Some journeys have a dead end.

Jovan Davis - Delano Limit
Mieko Gavia - Astraia Sabb
Kristie Larson - Yama Williams
Michael Flood - Oakland
Heather Harvey - Stage Directions, Poet 1
Kevin Green - Poet 2, Various characters


Sheyenne Javonne Brown (AEA) is a native New Yorker with an MFA in acting from Columbia University

School of the Arts. Her one woman show, Shower Me, was featured in the 2014 Fringe NYC Festival, and

was later published as a part of Indie Theater Now’s “Best of Fringe 2014” series. When Sheyenne is not

writing plays, poems, and facebook statuses that are too long, she is acting, planning events, and

mothering her two toddler boys, Cullen Sloane and Caius Jove. Sheyenne is also a proud ensemble

member of Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop (BRTW) which aims to be a key force in the effort to

create, produce and demand conscious and critical media.

2017/2018 Scratch Night at TNC season begins November 2017. Submissions for the season are now ongoing.



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