Studies in Living Otherwise

 Choreographers:  Nia Love, Jesse Phillips-Fein, Alex Pitre, Veleda Roehl & Emmagrace Skove-Epes with Gyrchel Moore

Studies in Living Otherwise is the gestation of five dance/performance works that move through collective practices of presence, memory, storytelling and abstraction. We ask how can we center the Other and other the center?  We answer by digging underground pathways to alternative ways of (not) being, remembering, un/doing and dancing.    

g1(host)#4, by Nia Love, is a work in 'part'(s). I am interested in the happening of a 'part,' a gesture and/or posture that has alliance with historical otherness and yield clues that create a sensory gateway. The task to reframe what is memory and how it is held. This solo work is never “set,” but rather resets and is random. In the process, I hope to recover bits and pieces of [my]self that have over the course of my life appeared lost, shattered and chiasmatic.

Based on the deep research of five actions through practices of stamina and endurance, nothing,is,about,nothing by Jesse Phillips-Fein queries the (im)possibilities of abstracting our bodies.  How is meaning made and unmade? What happens when we allow gestures to exceed their intentions?  

Alex Pitre will share the process of Context and Reconstruction.  I feel a thing when I sing that song. What is the thing I feel? The story is a question — memory's existence nags at me to pull it apart.  Can I hold onto the past without rewriting its narrative to become the Good White Person?

Sista Wolf and Mother Love: an urban folktale, by Veleda Roehl. Two sisters born under an oath…one destiny beyond imagination. A collaborative work that uses traditional and contemporary dance to tell the story of two families, wolf and human, whose lives are intertwined.

In search of mirrors, and catch the light just right, by EmmaGrace Skove-Epes in collaboration with Gyrchel Moore, is the enactment of a desire to be at once in public and in private, to construct and unravel real, remembered, and imagined environments in which we seek intimacy and self-preservation through knowing but not naming, finding solid ground without claiming to know. Where does the invisible yet tangibly felt, leak, seep out and stain? (We listen for it, with the buzzing of our skin.)

Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street)

April 14-15 at 8PM 

April 16 at 3pm



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