The Life and Death of Queen Margaret

A patchwork of mostly Shakespeare’s text as funneled and augmented by

Toby Vera Bercovici and Dan Morbyrne

Directed by Toby Vera Bercovici

A dance-theatre retelling of Shakespeare, performed by eight dynamic actresses.

The Life and Death of Queen Margaret is a new piece of dance-theatre which liberates some of Shakespeare's most poignant feminist writing from a series of plays about men and their experience of history. Queen Margaret was a fierce, strong-willed, and independent woman, both historically and in Shakespeare’sHenry VI and Richard III plays. This piece brings her to the forefront of her own story by combining extant scenes from Shakespeare, scenes which are a patchwork of multiple Shakespeare plays, and occasional adaptor-written chunks of iambic pentameter. What it cannot tell through words, it shows through breathtaking choreography. Created and performed by Western Massachusetts-based ensemble Real Live Theatre.


Myka Plunkett: Margaret of Anjou

Linda Tardif: Joan of Arc, Humphrey Duke of Gloucester, Richard Duke of Gloucester

Jeannine Haas*: Theophanie, Lord John Clifford, King Louis XI

Lisa Abend*: Duke of Suffolk, Prince Edward

Kate Hare: King Henry VI, Rutland

Annelise Nielsen: Eleanor Duchess of Gloucester, King Edward IV

Ellen Morbyrne: Richard Duke of York, Catherine Clifford, Queen Elizabeth

Emily Tanch: Earl of Warwick, Witch

*Appears Courtesy of Actor's Equity Association


Director: Toby Vera Bercovici

Choreographer: Annelise Nielsen

Stage Manager/Lighting Designer: Ezekiel Baskin

Costume Designer: Julia Vincenza Whalen

Assistant Costume Designer: Rich Vaden

Sound Designer: Catherine McCurry

Dramaturg: Josh Platt

Fight Choreographer: Dan Morbyrne

Founded in 2013, Real Live Theatre is a cooperatively produced theatre company based in Western Massachusetts. As a collective of theatre artists, we seek to create unique, dynamic, and powerful pieces of storytelling. We are committed to working as an ensemble, to training in our craft, to discovering new ways to tell old stories, to generating new stories, and to excellence in our art. We encourage ourselves and each other to reach our highest potential as storytellers and performance artists. Real Live Theatre is exactly what we do and who we are, and we bring the fullness of our love and courage to this art.

Featuring an original song by Cynthia Zaitz, Ph.D. and scenery by woodworker Michael Humphries.

Cino Theater Name

Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave.

(at E. 10th Street)

August 10-13 

August 17-20

Thurs-Sat 8pm

 Sun 3pm

General Admission: $18



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