TNC “On The Air” DERMALOGIC Postponed

Crystal Field, Executive Director

TNC “On The Air”

DERMALOGIC is Postponed but will be back in February!

Robert Kirkendall, playwright

The owner of a small skincare company signs a deal with a major retailer, but the suddenness of her decision throws the company into disarray. Some wonder if their small company can handle such a large order, others worry about getting swallowed up by a larger corporate entity and losing their brand, and the rank and file are dreading layoffs and workplace relocation. People jockey for position, alliances are made, and infighting increases, and Dermalogic transforms from a small company into a larger player in the skincare field, and in the end, their hierarchy is reformed in an unexpected way.

Steve Capasso will be reading the role of Rick, Rick Kuhn will be reading the role of Carl, and Karen Blagmon will be reading the role of Kayla.

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