TNC is Preparing to Open! Procedure and Etiquette for Attending and Producing

Procedure and Etiquette for Attending and Producing a Production
Theater for the New City 

To our beloved TNC family,

It is a known fact that the world has been a little darker since the closing of live theater, but we have tried our best to preserve and bring back some of that light. As much as we are trying our best to bring back the magical feeling of in-person theater, there will be new precautions to protect our amazing audience members.

The Theater has always been deemed a safe space, and therefore we will ensure that we will make everyone feel comfortable and secure while performing and watching our performances. Everyone who works here as our staff has been vaccinated. Both members of the production and audience members will need to show their vaccine card upon arrival. If they are not fully vaccinated then we require a negative Covid-19 test result taken within the past 3 to 5 days of arrival. The members of the audience will have to have a printed out version of the results in hand in order to expedite prompt show openings. Actors equity has ruled that equity members of any show must be fully vaccinated, and they can not come into contact with any member of the show in which they appear who has not been fully vaccinated. We understand that it may be difficult for everyone to get a vaccine in these current circumstances, but we want to make sure everyone is as safe as they can be.

We will be continuing with social distancing rules, as this has always been the CDC’s main priority in establishing safety. In our theaters we are going to have every other seat in every other row available for our lovely audience to be seated in. However, if people come in the same group of people they have been quarantining with, there will be sections made for them to sit together too.

The temperature will be taken at the door. Masks are always required from the moment you enter until you leave the building. We will also have hand sanitizer stations at the box office. We have also put in a new air filtration system in our HVAC systems so everyone can feel safe while existing in our artistic walls.

Theater for the New City has always been a home to all artists, and community members from all around the world. And home is always supposed to be the safest place. So please join us in welcoming our beloved artists and guests back home. Because although we’re sure you missed us from the past year, we can guarantee you we’ve missed you more.

See you soon,

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