NY ACKER Awards 2022

Sunday, December 11, 2022
Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue (between 9th & 10th Street)
Doors open 6 PM – Starts @ 7 PM to 10 PM
RIP Joe Zolkowski. Joe made the box this year.  Died later.  The box, like the others, is a  keeper for sure.  Loads of creative treasures.  Talked to Max Schulman at Printed Matter.   PM will in a specific topic newspaper let different ephemera collectors see the boxes and a list of content.  Would like to see a couple of complete sets in well traveled archives.  HOWL should have a set.  Cover so many of the same creators and communities – a  large overlap.  Zitos’s cups are over the top.  Jordan King gets Candy Darling Award for keeping the history of Candy Darling alive as well as Jeremiah Newton’s contribution.  Jordan will get a rare copy of Candy Darling Diaries.  So much amazing history is saved and collected.

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