How Is Our Fearless Leader, Crystal Field, Tackling Social Isolation?

Crystal Field sharing helpful tips on how to keep ourselves healthy with supplements and… virtual interactive poetry!

As artists, we need to create, we need to feel, and we need to express – during a time of uncertainty, it is easy to lose our spirit, allowing stress and anxiety to takeover our creative ~vibes~; however, that is not the case with this Fearless Leader.

While we are all practicing social distancing, watch Crystal Field take us on a ride, discussing the importance of our physical and mental health (which is often ignored, but just as important!). Crystal used this time to create a virtually interactive poem that will make us smile AND get us off of our feet (That is a combo that is hard to come by these days!). Let Crystal be an inspiration to those who are feeling stuck during this time. If she can do it, so can we because remember… We Are All In This Together!

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and most importantly… Stay Creative 🙂

With Love,
Crystal Field and Your TNC Family

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