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The Statement

Posted by Theater for the New City on Thursday, July 2, 2020

The White Blacks
by Melanie Goodreaux

Melanie Maria Goodreaux’s latest play takes place in the 1970s and addresses the complicated racial distinctions that plague one New Orleans family with a line of lighter skinned African-Americans that “pass for white.” They “pretend” to be white to reap the benefits that come with ‘whiteness’ but at what cost? The gamut of blackness is brought up by this honest look at colorism in New Orleans.  Love lives long, and here romance, family secrets, and generational curses get all mixed up in Alva’s gumbo!

The White Blacks

Posted by Theater for the New City on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Renee McNeil, Kristina King, Marsha-Ann Hay, Hollie Harper, Shyla Idris, Marcos Palma, India Stachyra, Linda Greene, Anthony Harper, Jonathan Eddy Duran, Hector Lincoln, Christine Sloan-Stoddard, Neena Phillips, Stacey Griffin, Albert Iturregui-Elias, Dan Kelley, Frances Suro, Alexander Yuille

I Will Never Clean My Room and The Cry
by William Electric Black

I Will Never Clean My Room/The Cry

I Will Never Clean My Room/The Cry by Ian James-Electric.I Will Never Clean My Room by William Electric BlackFeaturing: Janet Donofrio – Paulina Breeze – David Rieth.The Cry by William Electric BlackFeaturing Paulina Breeze – Emma Bass – Jillian StevensMusic by Marc Schmied

Posted by Theater for the New City on Thursday, June 11, 2020

Raising a Revolutionary
by Eva Dorrepaal

With a criminal record and a vengeful ex-husband, Rachael Faucett attempts to keep food on the table and prepare her son – Alexander Hamilton – for the harsh realities of the 18th century Danish West Indies.

Raising a Revolutionary by Eva Dorrepaal

Raising a Revolutionary by Eva Dorrepaal.Raising a RevolutionaryWith a criminal record and a vengeful ex-husband, Rachael Faucett attempts to keep food on the table and prepare her son – Alexander Hamilton – for the harsh realities of the 18th century Danish West Indies.

Posted by Theater for the New City on Thursday, June 4, 2020


Written and performed by: Eva Dorrepaal
Costume: Wasima Hussain
Historical Advisor: Jimmy Napoli
Technical Director: John David West
Special Thanks: Francisco Cardozo, Kika Child, Crystal Field, Asja Jung, Vincent Kyne, Robin Menikoff, Chloe Perrier and the new discoveries of Rachael Faucett’s life analyzed in the book “Discovering Hamilton” by Michael E. Newton.

Ella the Ungovernable
by David McDonald, directed by Melania Levitsky

“ELLA THE UNGOVERNABLE” a play about 15 year-old Ella Fitzgerald’s incarceration and escape from Hudson, NY’s, Training School For Girls in 1933, will make its worldwide debut in a ZOOM and YouTube live streaming performance presented by Theater For The New City on Thursday night, May 28, 2020, at 7:00pm.

Very little is known about her incarceration except that she is presumed to have escaped after less than a year at the institution and she won the first-ever Amateur Night At The Apollo Theater shortly thereafter, commencing a swift rise to fame. 

Ella the Ungovernable

Posted by Theater for the New City on Thursday, May 28, 2020

Hamlet in Harlem

by Alberto Ferreras, Hosted by John David West

The cast in order of appearance: Armando Riesco, Lou Liberatore, Shirley Rumierk, Olga Merediz, Avner Kam, Kadine Anckle, John Herrera, Francisco Solorzano

A comedy of errors
About a tragedy of errors

“Hamlet in Harlem” the story of a young writer who holds a table reading to fund his urban adaptation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. In the process, fiction and reality intertwine creating a politically incorrect comedy that questions media stereotypes, gender roles, cultural appropriation, and the relevance of classic theater. 

Tuesdays Not Saturdays

by Barry Primus

The cast in order of appearance: Raul S. Julia, Bob Lesser, Jayson Glastone, Mike Vlastas, Sofia Vassilieva, David Proval, Eddie Kehler, Adam Cushman, Barry Primus

In an old Russian bathhouse on the Lower East side of New York, patrons come to cleanse themselves of the dirt and struggle of a week’s work in the city. The heat is their medicine and the masseuse is their high priest. They struggle both with themselves and each other consciously, or unconsciously, seeking healing from some deep wounds as the heat rises and their dilemmas surface.

Susan B. and the Tennessee Waltz

Written by Toby Armour, Directed by George Ferencz

The cast includes: Lissa Moira, Richarda Abrams, Gregory Marlow, and Jenne Vath

2020 is Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday and the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment.  They play celebrates her life and the lives of those who struggled with her in the long battle for women’s suffrage.  Susan B., Nellie Bly and the fight for women.

Poetry in the Age of COVID-19, Spotlight: Briana Bartenieff

New Ideas, New Vision, New Work. 

Crystal Field is going to have a conversation with her grand-daughter, Briana Bartenieff, a published poet who is a first-time freshman at Purchase College. They are going to talk about what it’s like to be Briana at a time like this and Briana is going to read her poems. They’re all about now – all newly written.

Orville Station

Written by Frank J. Avella (Vatican FallsLured & Consent)

The cast includes: Alice Barrett Mitchell, John DiMino, Michael Ford, Cali Gilman and Marc Lombardo as Chizzy with Technical Direction and Narration by John David West.

Orville Station delves into that dark, festering world that lies beneath the picture-perfect suburban towns in America where boredom and the false promises of a better life have left some folks feeling “cheated and betrayed,” to quote Nathanael West from THE DAY OF THE LOCUST.

Lenny is a 25-year-old screenwriter wannabe whose one script was met with universal rejection. He and his friends travel to NYC each weekend to alleviate some of the dullness of life in the fictional town of Orville, NJ. Into their complacent lives burrows the mysterious Chizzy who convinces Lenny that he must do, “something drastic” if he wants to succeed. Orville has the dubious distinction of most train deaths per year in the Garden State (stats based on a real Jersey town). Orville Station is set post-COVID-19 and examines the fear and anxiety that comes with potential change. Dreaming is safe but actively pursuing that dream can often provide the ultimate terror.

Orville Station Reading

Posted by Theater for the New City on Wednesday, April 15, 2020