Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival


By Naya James
Directed by Lucia Bellini
September 3 – September 7

A darkly comedic multimedia romp, Abdication! spins a tale of relatable characters grappling with two choices: 1. fight for their independence of thought and feeling, or 2. abdicate their responsibilities and succumb to a life that’s easier in the short run.

A tongue-in-cheek view of technocratic society, it depicts the near future not only with dystopian gloom but with a heavy dose of humor, shining a light on our shared human experience while faced with this critical question. What would you give up?

Johnson Theater Space: World Premiere, 70 mins. running time

09/03 Tuesday, 9pm

09/04 Wednesday, 6:30pm

09/05 Thursday, 9:00pm

09/06 Friday, 6:30pm

09/07 Saturday, 8:00pm