Adam and Brian

By Craig Donnelly
Directed by Paul Edwards
September 12 – September 16

Often what defines us is not the tragedy itself, but how we grieve and move forward in the aftermath. Adam and Brian is a gay couple living in New York City. One night, on their way home, they are brutally attacked by three strangers and sent to the hospital. What unfolds throughout the play is not only how they recover physically, but also how the damage has affected them emotionally. Both men cope in different ways and are at odds with how to regain their inner stabilities. The two men ultimately realize that this one event has changed whom they are as individuals, and what that means for their relationship

Theater for the New City’s: Johnson Theater
Wednesday: September 12, 9pm
Thursday: September 13, 6:30pm
Friday: September 14, 9pm
Saturday: September 15, 2pm
Saturday: September 15, 5pm
Sunday: September 16, 5pm