Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival

Carrier Pigeon

By Skylar J Beirne
Directed by Alaina Messineo
August 25 – August 31

Beginning on the one year anniversary of her survival of a mass shooting, Joy battles Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, agoraphobia, borderline alcoholism, and the feelings of intense, irremediable loneliness. To cope, Joy locks everyone out except for sexual partners, her occasionally intrusive sister, Lauren, Mom, and Peter, the carrier pigeon that delivers letters from a mysterious Jordan. With the return of her father’s cancer, her sister’s impending wedding, and the allure of a not-so-distant pen pal and potential romantic partner, Joy must decide whether or not her shut-in/shut-out lifestyle is truly sustainable, or if there is more to living than merely surviving.

Cabaret Theater Space: World Premiere, 90 mins running time

08/25 Sunday, 8pm

08/26 Monday, 6:30pm

08/27 Tuesday, 9pm

08/28 Wednesday, 9pm

08/29 Thursday, 6:30pm

08/31 Saturday, 2pm