Theater for the New City presents:


By Constellation Moving Company, Hybrid Movement Company, and Eckszooberante
March 7 – March 17
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:


On week two, we present a mixed bill of new multi-media works in progress from each group, each a distinct blend of circus, dance, drama, puppetry, burlesque and/or sideshow, including:

Kromatik: impressions on light, sound, and movement.  Created collaboratively by Brendan Burke, Jason Lindner, Andrea Nicole Ortiz, Daisy Press, and Françoise Voranger. Hybrid Movement Company

The Unfolding Sky: excerpt from full-length play in progress, conceived and written by Harlan Mackey, assisted by Wendy Louie, with choreography developed by the cast: Wendy Louie, Harlan Mackey, Kira Fath, and Medea.  

The full piece follows the experiences of Daniel Paul Schreber in a mental hospital in Dresden, Germany at the turn of the 20th century.  Schreber wrote a memoir of what he described as divine visions–people momentarily inhabited by errant souls, and birds speaking to him from God.  A former judge, Schreber wrote of his treatment to appeal the institutionalization of people against their will. This evening’s scenes depict his early encounters with his friendly beaked orators. Constellation Moving Company

Newspaper Ninja and Friends: a new iteration of the endlessly evolving Coney Island crowd favorite by the Artist Extraordinaire Eckszooberante, aka Zoob Fernandez.  A downtrodden vagrant turned Supernatural Love Champion, the Newspaper Ninja is forged from layers of periodicals fraught with disinformation, media manipulation, sexual advertisements and the like, emerging a hero of his own Trash and Destitution.  These are the Fantastical Adventures of an unlikely warrior coming into Power and Self-Mastery through Adversity, Transformation, Death, and Rebirth. Eckszooberante

Plus cool new stuff by Summer Lacy, Medea, Kelsey Strauch