Theater for the New City presents:

Dining With Ploetz, Food for Thought (3 one acts) Goldfish (GF) Memory Like a Pale Green Clock (PGC) & Bone Appetite (BA)

By Richard Ploetz
Directed by Steven Hauck (PGC) Richard Ploetz (GF & BA)
September 5 – September 22
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:

Dining With Ploetz, Food for Thought (3 one-acts) Goldfish (GF) Memory Like a Pale Green Clock (PGC) & Bone Appetite (BA)

Three One-Acts by Richard Ploetz:

GOLDFISH: A birthday party runs amok

Late in the evening of her 6th birthday party, Sabrina and her parents are in their large loft in the desolate rug district. They and Beth, a friend of Sabrina’s mother, are awaiting a couple Beth has invited. The couple arrives at 11:30 with a “poet” they met on the street. Now, as a goldfish presides, the evening begins.

MEMORY LIKE A PALE GREEN CLOCK: Is the past suddenly present?

A man surprises his wife with a special dinner at a fancy restaurant. There is a woman alone at another table who he remembers but can’t place. His distraction persists, becoming increasingly irritating to his wife. The other woman is absorbed in her own memories. While the evening unravels an ancient waiter serves as an enigmatic master of ceremonies.

BONE APPETITE: A unique spin on the last supper

A tale inspired by a true story. One character focuses on a special dinner, the other on how it will be served. What is at steak here, a simple meal or something of a more existential nature? Enlightenment–served as desert?

CAST: *Wynne Anders, *Elizabeth A. Bell, *Christopher Borg, Claudia Fabella, *Steven Hauck, *Jamie Heinlein, *Ryan Hilliard

TECHNICAL / PRODUCTION STAFF: Alex Bartenieff. Lighting, Mark Marcante, Set Design, *Elizabeth Ramsay, Production Manager/ Production Stage Manager