By Bina Sharif
Directed by Bina Sharif
December 13 – December 30
Thursday - Saturday 8PM, Sundays 3PM

Dream Within a Dream is a hilarious satirical and brilliant comedy about theater and the art of putting on a play. There is a play within a play – where immigrants who usually work as busboys, cleaning ladies and nannies, wish to be in show business as actors, dancers, and writers. They are trying to put on a play with great difficulties. A Broadway critic shows up and trashes this abstraction of a play. The critic is interested in only one subject matter at this moment and that is hatred of Trump. Nothing else interests him. He is bored by watching this play and dozes off and has his own dream. He is dreaming that President Trump has been impeached. There is a victory party going on, and people are dancing all over the place. He invites the actors to the party for champagne.

Bina Sharif is an award-winning playwright/actor. She was nominated for the Joseph Jefferson award for acting at Chicago’s Goodman Theater and has won NYSCA and Jerome Foundation Awards for writing. This is Ms. Sharif’s 34th play. Her one-woman show “Afghan Woman” traveled to many universities in the U.S.A. as well as performed in Manchester, England’s Contact Theater. That show was also performed in Belgium, Canada, Hawaii, and Pakistan. She continues her private theatrical salon called “Lower Levels of Society” at her residence in the East Village.