Girl Inside the Mirror

By Nicoletta Mandriotti
Directed by Nicoletta Mandriotti
September 6 – September 15

A subconscious is a mysterious place: to submerge is to discover our lights and shadows, our true and complex selves. Girl Inside the Mirror is a short dance/movement based surrealistic piece that dives into the subconscious of a Latin-American character, the Girl, who emerges into a parallel world: the core of her most vulnerable sole. It is there where all her ghosts and shadows from her past remain and where she can either face them-through the presence of her inner child- or let them destroy her.

Theater for the New City: Johnson Theater
Thursday: September 6, 9pm
Sunday: September 9, 5pm
Monday: August 10, 9pm
Thursday: September 13, 9pm
Saturday: September 15, 8pm