By Kelly Lamanna
Directed by Kelly Lamanna
August 31 – September 13

Together, performer and stage manager, armed with puppets, dolls, gizmos, and gadgets will attempt to perform the lamentable tale of Hedda Gabler as first written by Henrik Ibsen. First performed in 1891, Hedda Gabler is about a woman who, having recently married an unimaginably bland man, is bored and resentful. When an old lover is re-introduced into her life, she spirals down a destructive path to leach from others what she cannot obtain herself: courage and passion. Despite her misguided attempts to seize some power, she is out manipulated. We’re here to dismantle this classic piece of nineteenth-century realism and zoom the perspective to Hedda. And who knew how fun it could be.

Theater for the New City’s: Cabaret Theater
Friday: August 31, 6:30pm
Saturday: September 1, 2pm
Tuesday: September 4, 6:30pm
Wednesday: September 5, 9pm
Wednesday: September 12, 6:30pm
Thursday: September 13, 9pm