Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival


By Demetria Daniels
Directed by Demetria Daniels
September 8 – September 15

Movie Star Hedy Lamarr and her partner, Composer George Antheil Invent and Patent Frequency-Hopping in 1941, A system of electronics used today in our cell phones, Wi-fi, Drones and Satellites, A Billion Dollar Industry.

Married to a weapons industrialist, Hedy heard about Wartime weapons. She wanted her invention to be anti-nazi submarines and submitted it to the navy during World War 2 where it was rejected.

Although a millionaire, with 6 husbands, 3 Children she dies unrecognized for the invention alone, in debt, and heartbroken.

Cabaret Theater Space: World Premiere, 90 mins running time

09/08 Sunday, 5pm

09/09 Monday, 9pm

09/11 Wednesday, 6:30pm

09/13 Friday, 9pm

9/15 Sunday, 2pm