Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival


By Prasad Paul Duffy & Theo Grace
Directed by Prasad Paul Duffy & Theo Grace
September 5 – September 15

REVOLUTIONARY is a sci-fi, acoustic rock musical about a conscious revolution in the near future, through the eyes of young homeless musicians. Life on the streets of New York is not easy for these kids. Some fall into drug addiction and prostitution, while others face different perils, like police brutality. When one of them is arrested by a robocop and carted off to a FEMA camp, the others take refuge at The Source Center, in an old, abandoned church. While there, they become entangled in an underground revolution to help fight the encroaching fascism. As part of their indoctrination into the movement, they undergo a series of training and initiations that empower them to become spiritual rebels to help save their world from martial law. They are guided by the charismatic leaders of The Source Center, who help the homeless youth, heal their addictions and activate to Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, through meditation, therapy, and Ayahuasca ceremony. Their lives are forever changed, and in their newfound freedom, some of them enter into romantic relationships with people they never have thought they would. Together they all become the personification of the evolution of the revolution, as they shift into a new paradigm here on Earth.

Community Theater Space: New York Premiere, 90 mins running time

09/05 Thursday, 6:30pm

09/09 Monday, 9pm

09/11 Wednesday, 6:30pm

09/13 Friday, 9pm

09/14 Saturday, 5pm

09/15 Sunday, 8pm