Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival

Second Chance

By Talib Andre
Directed by Talib Andre
August 28 – September 1

Play with R&B/Gospel music explores how to overcome misgivings and reinvigorate your marriage.

The story begins in Heaven, with married couple Aunt Nancy and Uncle Pelli being sent down to Earth by God so they can show him that the four loves–storge, agape, eros, and philia–are still alive in a world that seems to be plagued with the senseless acts of violence reported each day. To show that love still exists, Nancy and Pelli go to their living relatives, Marcellus and Nefertit Evers, who after being married for seven years are preparing to renew their wedding vows. Although both are very excited to renew their vows, they each have a different take on what this ceremony means. For Nefertiti, renewing vows is a familial tradition that was passed down from her parents. However, Marcellus is worried that his wife’s insistence on this ritual is a sign that she’s has doubts about his love for her. It drives him to very risky actions to prove otherwise. All the while, the couple is helping to prepare the wedding of Marcellus’ younger sister, Naima, who along with suffering from bipolar depression, is also worried about her fiancé being faithful to her.

Community Theater Space: New York Premiere, 90 mins running time

08/28 Wednesday, 6:30pm

08/29 Thursday, 6:30pm

08/30 Friday, 9pm

08/31 Saturday, 2pm

09/01 Sunday, 2pm