By Victor Vauban Junior
Directed by Victor Vauban Junior
May 30 – June 16
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:


“T.R.U.T.H.” is a gut-wrenching social drama that depicts two different moments in our society where innocent lives take unexpected turns. There are men behind bars trying to make sense of the reasons that landed them there, or a teenager transgender girl in desperate pursuit of acceptance at home and in society. This piece seeks to ignite a conversation with a different perspective on topics afflicting our society today and at the same time to bring awareness to the reasons why America is the number one country in the world with the biggest population of incarcerated men of color. Why it is so hard to accept a family member who does not fit the model society has already established for us? Many may think they have the answer to everything until they see this play.



Xavier Michael, Janet Conroy-Quirk, Tyler Ortiz , Valery Vincent, Michele Quintero, Kevin Leonard, Side2Side, Yvette Quintero, Estiven Quezada, and Andy Price.


Wardrobe: Carolyn Adams, Everett Clark and Victor Vauban Junior

Stage management and crew:  Selear Duke – Jarel William and Rayna Elaine

Lights and Sound: Robert Neapolitan,  Geoffrey Christopher and Victor Vauban Junior

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