The Ballad of MuLan

By Alexie Cruz & Shiyu Li
Directed by Alexie Cruz
December 16 – December 16
Sunday, 3:30PM

Theater for the New City & Crystal Field, Executive Director


The Ballad of MuLan

Created by Five Elements Theater, Art Bridge Academy & Circle Dance Studio

ONE DAY SHOW ONLY. This original youth musical production of, The Ballad of Mulan, was written based on the original poem from 200-400 AD in China. We tell the tale of Mulan and her original story and message, bringing a bit of China here to the US. The Youth Theater company aid us in bringing this great tale to life with song and storytelling and the excitement of being able to share the story here in NYC at TNC.

CAST: Evan Tian, Ethan Tian, Haley Feng, Cecelia Zhang, Rita Li, Stephanie Zhang, Valentina Zheng, Joyce Luo with Alexandra Szeto-Joe, Mengyuan Wang, Conder Lu Shou


Music by Joseph-Vernon Banks

Lyrics by Josh P. Jackson,

Stage Manager: ED JiHao Wei

Music Director: ShiYu Li

Costume Designer: Arlyne Read Rodriguez

Choreographer: Alexandra Szeto-Joe

Lighting Designer: Abigail Wang

Sound Designer: Zhen Qin

Makeup Artist: Venus Velazquez

Cinematographer: Carla Mejia