Theater for the New City presents:

The Interrupted Journey

By Elizabeth Fuller and Joel Vig
Directed by Mark S. Graham
September 16 – September 16
Monday, 7PM

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:

The Interrupted Journey

A UFO Story, A Love Story, A true Story!

THE INTERRUPTED JOURNEY is the sensational bestseller written by John G. Fuller, the late husband of Elizabeth Fuller. It is considered to be the best-documented case of alien abduction in the history of mankind. Elizabeth Fuller and Joel Vig are now presenting this landmark story as a play. Under hypnotic regression, Betty and Barney Hill discovered the truth behind their total memory loss of a two hour period when they were driving home through a mountainous part of New Hampshire. They both recounted how they had been captured and taken aboard a UFO and examined by aliens from another planet. As the United States and other governments around the world are now opening up secret UFO files, the Hill’s account, based on the actual recordings of their hypnotic regressions, could be considered proof of the perhaps terrifying possibility that in our universe we are not alone!!