The Wrong Box

By Kit Goldstein Grant (Book/Music/Lyrics)
Directed by Michael Chase Gosselin (Director/Choreographer)
September 1 – September 16

A Victorian black comedy based on the novel of the same name, The Wrong Box centers around a ‘tontine,’ a bizarre investment scheme wherein a group of young men invest money in a fund, and the last man living takes all. Morris, a 40-year old orphan who was robbed by his uncle of seven thousand eight hundred pounds when he was only a boy at school, is desperate to win the tontine and thus right the wrongs he feels the world has done him. His uncle Joseph is one of the last two members of the tontine, so Morris is willing to go to any length to keep his uncle alive long enough for him to win. Things go south for Morris, though, when they are both involved in a train wreck, and Morris finds a dead body which he thinks is his uncle. Chaos ensues as Morris does whatever it takes to keep up the charade that Uncle Joseph is still alive long enough to win the tontine.

Theater for the New City’s: Community Theater 
Saturday: September 1, 5pm
Saturday: September 8, 5pm
Sunday: September 9, 5pm
Monday: September 10, 6:30pm
Saturday: September 15, 5pm
Sunday: September 16, 5pm