Theater for the New City presents:

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY’s Dream Up Festival 2019

By Theater for the New City
Directed by Michael Scott-Price
June 6 – June 6

THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY’s Dream Up Festival 2019

In 2010, the inaugural Dream Up Festival offered 25 shows consisting of 23 World Premieres and 2 American Premieres. The festival had reviewers from NY Times, NY Press, Showbusiness Weekly, the Advocate, and others.

Festival performance dates August 25 – September 15, 2019. All performances will take place at Theater for the New City.


We prefer works that have gone unproduced in New York City, but we will consider an updated version of previously produced NYC production. To qualify for the festival, our goal is to have works by US and international artists as World or NYC premieres. Translations and new adaptations of known material will be acceptable.

The festival is available to both performance groups and individuals. Plays, dance theater, solo works, and interdisciplinary material will all be welcome so long as they can co-exist in repertory with other productions in the festival lineup. Technical requirements and the use of production effects will need to be limited. Scenic elements are welcome but one or more of these elements will have to be used in an inventive way.

ABOUT DREAM UP – TNC’s Summer Showcase

The motto of the festival is “Dream Up: Invent, Concoct.” The festival is dedicated to new works. The question of the artist’s vision to free or attack the material will be asked in each application. The festival does not want traditional theater which is presented in a traditional way. Theater for the New City wants to use this festival as a way to push ideas to the forefront with the hope of revealing roads less traveled or undiscovered. Presentation of a straightforward play must be imaginative in some way.


TNC’s 2019 summer festival known as Dream Up Festival will run August 25 to September 15, 2019.

We are accepting applications: February 11, 2019, to May 10, 2019

Early Submissions: February 11 to March 22, $30 certified check, cashier’s check, or money order in the US
Dollars payable to Theater for the New City

General Submissions: March 23 to May 10 $40 certified check, cashier’s check, or money order in the US
Dollars payable to Theater for the New City

All applications must be accompanied by a submission fee.

We prefer the application materials to be emailed to and the submission fees be paid online at Dream Up Festival 2019 Submission Fee Form

Snail mail option is mailed to:

TNC’s Dream Up Festival 2019
Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue New York, NY 10003

• Script/or Concept (if not text-based)
• Bio Primary Artist (and Collaborators if known)/ Production History
• Brief Statement
• Synopsis of Work w/character breakdown
• Submission Form
+Submission Fee

Any mailed submission materials submitted to the festival will NOT BE RETURNED. Sorry.

All applicants will receive a position notice (accepted, waitlisted,
or not accepted) after their submissions are evaluated in spring 2019.

PLEASE SEND ALL SUBMISSION’S (scripts, bios, statements, synopsis, submission form) to

Pay online Dream Up Festival 2019 Submission Fee Form 

TNC’s Dream Up Festival 2019
Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue
New York, NY 10003

Please mark your submission fee subject line with the name of your festival project.

Please contact us at if there are any questions.

Title of Submission: _____________________________
Contact Name: _________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________
Street: ______________________ City:______________ State:_____
Zip:_______ Country: _____________
(if outside the US) :_______________
Email Address: ________________________________
Genre of Work (Please Mark): Dance Musical Drama
Length (Please Mark): Short One Act Full Length
Estimated Running Time in Minutes: _____________
Number of Cast / Crew: _________________________
Technical Requirements (for set, lighting, sound if known):

This piece previously had a (Please Mark):
Reading, Staged Reading, Workshop, Full Production (please tell us when and where)
Please express in a short statement (500 words max.) what makes this inventive or what will make it inventive when presented.

Please Note: Submissions without a statement will not be considered.

Participation Info:
Theater for the New City will present a lineup of wide-ranging and original theatrical visions embracing drama, poetry, music, and dance in the summer of  2019 from performing artists representing theater and performance companies in our theater complex in downtown New York.

Tickets prices can range from $12 to $20. TNC’s Dream Up Festival 2019 website and festival website will go under construction in late spring/early summer 2019.

Festival artists receive 60% of their box office proceeds.  TNC retains the remaining 40%. All judged applicants will receive a position notice (accepted, waitlisted or not accepted) after their submissions are read. Acceptances will be emailed on or about May 24, 2019. Artists who are accepted will be required to submit participation documents by about June 12, 2019. A non-refundable $575 the participation fee will be required, in the form of a certified check, cashier’s check or money order or online payment for participating productions. No personal or company checks will be accepted.

Final Deadline to apply is May 10. US and International artists welcome to apply.

For general inquiries: please contact us at