Theater for the New City presents:

They Came to the Castle: Immigrants, a Tenor and Lola Montez

By Barbara Kahn
Directed by Robert Gonzales Jr. and Barbara Kahn
March 19 – April 4
Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8PM, Sunday at 3PM (March 19 - 29), and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 8pm (April 1-4)


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

They Came to the Castle: Immigrants, a Tenor and Lola Montez

They Came to the Castle: Immigrants, a Tenor and Lola Montez is a historical play set in the mid- 19th century in a now landmarked building in Battery Park that was the entry point to the United States prior the facility on Ellis Island. Newly-arrived travelers share their reasons for immigrating and their hopes and dreams. An Irishman who escaped the famine meets a free-born African-American woman in his adopted country. An Italian who escaped from forced child labor in the mines of Sicily finds love in New York. The sole survivor of a pogrom (organized violence against Jews) in a Russian village seeks safety in America from anti-Semitism and her own memories. A woman who “always felt different,” refused an arranged marriage in the old country and seeks a new life with another “different” woman. The building was briefly used as an entertainment center, with performances by famous and not-so-famous performers. In a reimagining of a night of entertainment at Castle Garden, the prominent Italian tenor Lorenzo Salvi performs along with the infamous Lola Montez, dancer, and courtesan, who recreates her notorious “Spider Dance.”

Featuring: Robert Gonzales Jr, Vilma Hodo, Christopher Lowe, Lisa Monde, Crosbie Roper, Aristotle Stamat, Leila Stricker, Lera Vital

Set design…Mark Marcante
Lighting design…Alexander Bartenieff
Costume design…Everett Clark
Sound design…Joy Linscheid
Prop design & building…Lytza R. Colon
Graphic design…Virginia Asman, illuminage studio
Photo & video services…Joe Bly

*Funding has been made possible by the Puffin Foundation, the Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation and individual donors.