Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival

This is Like That

By Michael Sean Cirelli
Directed by Emerie Snyder
August 31 – September 4

A man walks into a lecture room and says to the class… no, wait, sorry. So there’s a lecture hall, a slide projector, and an apple… there’s supposed to be a man? Oh right, the man walks in. So a man walks into a lecture room—no wait, there’s no apple. What I mean is nothing is going the way he means, if he even knows what he means. A piece for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood, or felt they might feel understood but weren’t. This is Like That is a one-person play that grapples with questions about language, identity, religion, and the stories we tell others and ourselves. Also, there’s definitely an apple.

Community Theater Space: Premiere, 45 mins running time

08/31 Saturday, 8pm

09/1 Sunday, 5pm

09/02 Monday, 6:30pm

09/03 Tuesday, 9pm

09/04 Wednesday, 6:30pm