Two Men Walk Into a Bar

By Monica Bauer
Directed by John FitzGibbon
September 9 – September 16

Southern Gothic comic mystery, a Cain and Abel story set in a Texas dive bar in the middle of the Iraq war. Billy goes to war, while step-brother Franklin stays home and inherits the family-owned bar. On leave for their Mama Sue’s funeral, Billy finds his meth-addicted wife dead at the bottom of the stairs, or so he says. Will his brother Franklin back up his alibi? When the dead wife’s Mama Jean come for revenge, will justice be served at Jerry’s Place?

Theater for the New City’s: Community Theater 
Sunday: September 9, 2pm
Tuesday: September 11, 9pm
Wednesday: September 12, 9pm
Saturday: September 15, 1:30pm
Sunday: September 16, 8:30pm