Theater for the New City, Dream Up Festival


By Sarah E.
Directed by Sarah E.
September 8 – September 15

WIFEY follows one woman’s journey through marriage in the wake of the 2016 election.

Structured as a series of vignettes, this show blends intimate drama, free verse, experimental movement, and nuanced lighting to tell a story that spans decades. The piece underscores the political and personal implications of the title “wife” and examines how this label can both influence and unmoor those who wear it. What do these people suppress, what are they expected to do, and who must they become? The play encourages us to listen to and engage with the female experience so that we may better understand where women are coming from… and where they are going.

Community Theater Space: Special Engagement, 80 mins running time

9/8 Sunday, 2pm

9/10 Tuesday, 9pm

9/12 Thursday, 9pm

9/14 Saturday, 2pm

9/15 Sunday, 2pm