You Don’t Know How it Feels

By Kelley Blessing
Directed by Traci Timmons
August 29 – September 15

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” is an honest and daring look at a student who is sexually assaulted by her teacher. Playwright Kelley Blessing and Director Traci Timmons hope to further the dialogue that will help end the stigma surrounding this crucial issue. Unfortunately, as the recent #metoo campaign illustrates, almost every woman has a story involving sexual harassment or abuse of some kind.

Stories from schools and churches around the country continue to come to light, making this topic as relevant today as it ever was. Who can you turn to when trust is betrayed? Dena and her friends love Mr. McCoe, he is the coolest. After Dena’s sister dies, he listens, helps her bring up her grades and prepare to try out for the basketball team. He manipulates the power dynamic so that her family, friends, teachers and school administration are not aware of the dark turn their relationship takes. This is a forthright and caring exploration of a young woman’s story reminding us how important it is to pay attention.

Theater for the New City’s: Cabaret Theater 
Wednesday: August 29, 9pm
Sunday: September 2, 5pm
Saturday: September 8, 8pm
Sunday: September 9, 3:30pm                                                           Monday: September 10, 6:30pm
Saturday: September 15, 8pm