In the Theater for the New City Art Gallery

Paintings by Cara London

March 2 – April 1

Nike of Samothrace, 36x48", acrylic/canvas, 2017

Cara London’s paintings and monoprints will be on exhibit from March 2 – March 19 at the Theater for the New City’s Art Gallery.

An opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 2 from 6 - 8 PM at TNC.

The exhibit in the TNC Art Gallery is concurrent with a TNC production of a new musical entitled “Your Name On My Lips”  (book, music and lyrics by Eric B. Sirota).

“Your Name On My Lips” is an original story, a romance where art plays a major role in the plot.  In addition to her exhibition in the Gallery, the musical production will feature many of Cara London’s paintings on stage, in service to the story.   

“Without the benefit of art education in high school, Sam, a gifted painter, now struggles to get into an art institute; while fighting to hold onto the love of his life, as the materialistic world tugs at her.”

For times and tickets and more info:

The opening reception for Cara London’s exhibit will take place immediately before the first performance of the musical.

The TNC Art Gallery, 155 First Avenue, is open 10 AM – 10 PM daily. 


Cara London

“The transcendent possibilities inherent in painting compel me to speak in a visual language.  The need to communicate through line, form, texture, and color is overwhelming and literally beyond words.  As a realist artist working from an abstract reference point, I search for the painting’s essence, to find its inherent visual power. I strive to push myself further artistically, to throw myself into the creative process, to push my love of line, color and shape in meaningful, new directions. Ultimately, I think the passion and honesty in that search give my artwork its resonance. For me, a successful work of art has its own energy that the viewer can feel. I know how I feel when I look at art that moves and inspires, and gives me hope. I want to share that with others.”

Cara London earned an MFA from Parsons School of Design (New York Studio School), following a BA in Art History from Brandeis University.  She also studied painting with John Adams Griefen, along with a small group of artists who share a commitment to a more formalist tradition.  Over the years, she attended numerous international professional workshops, including Triangle Artists’ Workshop, Vermont Studio School, Emma Lake and the Leighton Foundation.  She is a founding member of SOMI Fine Art Gallery, in Flemington.  She exhibits her work regularly and is in a number of prestigious collections.  Cara also teaches drawing and painting to students of all ages and levels of experience, from her own studio, as well as at different art institutions.

To contact Cara London:  

March 2 – March 19

Opening Reception:
6 – 8 PM, Thursday, April 1

10 AM – 10 PM, daily


Theater for the New City
155 First Avenue
(between 9th and 10th Streets)
New York, NY 10003
Telephone: (212) 254-1109
Fax: (212) 979-6570


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