Land Acknowledgement

For over the past 40 years Theater for the New City has been home to The Annual Thunderbird American Indian Dancers Dance Concert and Pow Wow from which all proceeds from the box office for this event have been and still are donated to the Native American Scholarship Fund.  Through the years we have proudly presented the work of many other Native American artists and organizations such as the Colorado Sisters, Amerinda (American Indian Artists Inc.), Silver Cloud Drummers, Spider Woman Theater   and American Indian Community House. 

Crystal Field, our Artistic Director, has twice received the Native American Celebratory Shawl, once from the Silver Cloud Drummers led by Kevin Tarrant (A Native American Song Catcher) and following by Thunderbird American Indian Dancers led by Louis Mofsie (Hopie Winnebago).
We recognize the land on which Theater for the New City stands is the original homeland of the Lenape people on the island of Manhattan (Mannahatta) – and the painful history of genocide and their forced removal from this territory. May this recognition serve as a demonstration of our historical and continued commitment towards finding opportunities for our community to help repair these injustices for the future. We invite you to learn more about the lands you inhabit at