"Two women. Two homes. Two faiths. One bomb. The World Premiere of an award-winning play."

Hebron, the West Bank. In one week, the Israeli Army will demolish a Palestinian woman's house. Her son is a Hamas bomb maker. Her daughter is becoming defiant. Her lover was pronounced a traitor. Where does a sane woman go? On the same street lives a religious Jewish woman, unmarried and pregnant. The Army will force her out of her home in a week, as well. Her family decides to fight back. But the father of her child rejects the plan. Will these two women join in the violence, or join together and save themselves? Inspired by the true stories of Israelis and Palestinians, MARTYRS STREET is written by Misha Shulman, a former Commander in the Israeli Army, and directed by Ian Morgan, Associate Artistic Director of The New Group. Winner of four national playwriting competitions from both Jews and Arabs, this play will change your understanding of the reality in Israel and Palestine. MUSIC BY Yonatan Gutfeld

4/19 Sunday: Dotan Greenvald, a representative of Breaking the Silence: Israeli Soldiers Talk About the Occupied Territories, an Israeli NGO, will offer reflections on Hebron and reports from the war in Gaza this past summer.

4/23 Thursday: Avraham Burg, former Chairman of the Knesset and head of the Jewish Agency, speaking on Hebron and the future of equal co-existence. Sponsored by New Israel Fund. Burg has extensive family history in Hebron: half his family were killed there in the 1929 riots and the other half were saved by their Muslim landlord. He has become a leading voice for what he calls the New Israeli Left and is now one of the leading voices for co-existence.

4/25 Saturday: Avraham Burg, Tamar Glezerman from Israelis for a Sustainable Future and Simone Zimmerman from IfNotNow#. They will be discussing the generational gap in American Judaism with regards to Israel. Both ISF and INN are organizations that popped up this past summer during the Gaza war because of the vacuum in Jewish voices of dissent that did not call for the destruction of Israel. They are both made up of young American Jews (ISF are Israelis living in America) who oppose the occupation, and they both grew from a group of a few people to the thousands within a few weeks. The event will be sponsored by Progressive Israel, in collaboration with Hashomer Hatzair and Habonim Dror, two important leftist Zionist Youth Groups. Ismail Khalidi, Palestinian American playwright and poet, and Crystal Field, Artistic Director of Theater for the New City

4/26 Sunday: Ari Roth, director of Mosaic Theater in Washington, DC, who was dismissed recently after 18 seasons as director of Theater J at the DC Jewish Community Center in what some called "an act of political censorship," will address questions of theater, art and censorship, with a particular look at the challenges of presenting work about Israel and Palestine. Ismail Khalidi, Palestinian American playwright and poet, and Crystal Field, Artistic Director of Theater for the New City.

Theater for the New City, 155 First Ave. (at E. 10th Street)

March 26-April 26, 2015

Thurs through Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Sunday at 3 PM

Tue, March 31 & Wed, April 1 at 8pm

No shows April 3, 4, 5 (Passover and Easter)

IMPORTANT: April 23 at 7 PM

Running Time: 1 Hour and 50 minutes

One 15 minute Intermission

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