THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY was founded in 1970 by Crystal Field to realize
clear purposes and goals:

  • To embody the vision of a center for new and innovative theater arts that would be truly accessible to the community and its experimental theater artists.
  • To discover relevant new writing and to nurture new playwrights.
  • To be a bridge between the playwright, experimental theater artist, and the ever-growing audiences in the community.
  • To create spaces where a new vision can breathe and be nourished by a working process not subject to commercial constraints and pressures.
  • To create events and ways in which to bring theater into the community and bring the community into the theater.
  • To involve disadvantaged youngsters in theater arts in order to focus their energies towards creativity and achievement

Now in its 52nd year, THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY is a unique Cultural Institution that has earned a nationwide reputation for its dedication to nurturing established and emerging playwrights who experiment with new forms and to presenting other experimental and developmental theaters with a very active program of Community Art Services and Festivals which continue to expand theater accessibility.