"A Hard Rain" Explores the causes and effects of repression and marginalization. Mafia run bars, police corruption and virulent homophobia come under the spotlight in Jon Bradfield and Martin Hooper's poignant exploration of the circumstances leading up to the 1969 Stonewall riots, and the birth of the modern gay liberation movement. The drama is set not in the infamous Stonewall Inn, but a neighboring, Mafia run joint - a pressure cooker of desire, anger and thwarted hope. As the lid is whipped off we're thrown into a subculture that is finally demanding recognition. Being underground is no longer enough as the characters struggle to find new ways to negotiate intimacy and ideas of community.

A Hard Rain is well performed, well staged and laced with humor that perfectly balances out the serious subject matter, A Hard Rain is a fun night out that inadvertently teaches you about one of the most important gay rights movement this century has seen. Impactful, without being overly preachy or grave, the play celebrates the modern roots of queer culture without sidestepping the personal struggles and conflicts within it. In fact, it shows just how integral those conflicts were, and still are, to ushering in change and social progress. It brings the difficulties of personal tragedies and social prejudices to life and does something remarkable, by showing the strength and resilience of the human spirit through these wonderfully unapologetic, vibrant characters. Against a backdrop of Mafia-funded illegal gay bars, homophobic laws and police corruption, the habitual of the Stonewall Inn suddenly refused to accept another police raid and fought back. The Stonewall riots of 1969 marked the beginning of the gay liberation in the USA.


Jan 6-25, 8PM

Sunday, 3PM Matinee


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