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By: Beliz Güçbilmez
Directed By: Manfred Bormann
September 22 – October 9
SEP 22 - OCT 9; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SUN @ 3 PM

Tickets $18, Seniors and Students $15

The play depicts a cleaning lady's delusional address to her employers in an imagined ceremony.

Auditioning for ETERNITY
By: Coni Koepfinger & Dan Carter
Directed By: Dan Carter
September 23 – October 9
SEP 23 - OCT 9; Thu, Fri, Sat @ 8 PM, Sun @ 3 PM

TICKETS $18, Student/Senior $15

Roommates and the closest of friends in their salad days, actors Mary and Roz have been estranged for half a century. Each a star in her own right, both are now facing all the challenges that come with age. In fact, Mary is dying, and Roz has just died. In a deathbed fever dream, Mary is visited by Roz, who has been challenged by the spirits of Helen Hayes and Edwin Booth to help Mary find the peace that will allow them both to ascend to their rightful position in the afterlife. Styled with wit and poetic diction, this surreal piece is well stocked with the accumulated lore of lifetimes in the theatre and is imbued with the quest for redemption and meaning.

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Hedda Gabler
By: Henrik Ibsen
Directed By: Robert Greer
September 29 – October 9
SEP 29 - OCT 9; Thu, Fri, Sat @ 8 PM, Sat @ 2 PM, Sun @ 3 PM

TICKETS $18, Student/Senior $15

Theater for the New City to present August Strindberg Rep in Ibsen's "Hedda Gabler," updated to the edge of the digital age.
Pistol-packing Hedda prevents Eilert Lovborg from achieving scholarly fame with his new book that predicts the development of networking and personal computers.

By: Claude Solnik
Directed By: Justin Bennett
October 13 – October 23
OCT 13 - OCT 23; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SUN @ 3 PM

TICKETS: $18 General, $15 Seniors and Students

A couple comes up with a daring game to spice up their relationship, and then decide to take things a step further. A film noir style play in which the stakes increase as the game gets real and it becomes tougher to tell the player from the played.

By: Ishmael Reed
Directed By: Carla Blank
October 13 – October 16
OCT 13 - OCT 16; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SUN @ 3 PM

Tickets $18

Is a cabal of High-tech Billionaires and their auxiliary of Domestic Terrorists seeking to seize the U.S. education system?

Susan B.
By: Toby Armour
Directed By: Joan Kane
October 13 – October 16
OCT 13 - OCT 16; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SAT & SUN @ 3 PM

Tickets $18, Seniors $15, Students with ID FREE admission

Susan B. Anthony recounts her life struggles and political maturation in the context of a press interview with Nellie Bly, the famed reporter for the Pittsburgh Dispatch and New York World who was a pioneer of investigative journalism.

By: Walter Corwin
Directed By: Forrest Gillespie
October 13 – October 23
OCT 13 - OCT 23; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SUN @ 3 PM

Tickets $10

A series of political satires composed by Theater For The New City stalwart Walter Corwin and directed by Forest Gillespie, founder of the Dome theater and co-founder of Spectacle theater in Williamsburg.

October 21 – October 22
OCT 21 - OCT 22; Friday and Saturday @ 8 PM


LAMINARIA is a Folk Horror Chamber Suite evoking images of an underwater shadow ghost emerging from the deep. This hauntingly provocative music and dance piece serves as a metaphor for the cycle of birth and death and explores the need to break free from the demons confining our bodies even in contemporary society.

By: Melanie Maria Goodreaux
Directed By: Melanie Maria Goodreaux
November 10 – November 27
NOV 10 - NOV 27; THU, FRI, SAT @ 8 PM, SUN @ 3 PM

Melanie Maria Goodreaux’s latest play addresses the complicated racial distinctions that plague one New Orleans family with a line of lighter skinned African-Americans that “pass for white.” They “pretend” to be white to reap the benefits that come with ‘whiteness’ but at what cost? Love lives long in New Orleans, and here romance, family secrets, and generational curses get all mixed up in Alva’s gumbo!