By Wendy Osserman Dance Company
March 11 – March 14
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:


Fire is a recurrent image embodied by the dancers in Combustion, a response to world events with the recognition that fire can also be a generator of life, an agent of transformation, purification, illumination, and enlightenment.

“Osserman finds cosmic implications in personal experience.” The Village Voice.

This premiere is choreographed by Wendy Osserman in collaboration with five superb dancers.

Osserman confuses the personal with the political as she conveys her struggle to comprehend current events and history with drama and humor.

Unusual contributions by composer, musician and musical instrument creator, Skip La Plante, will again delight the dancers and the audience. Udjat, a trio from 1985, concludes the program “with a darkness that is both powerful and compelling” Attitude: The Dance Magazine.

Udjat is the Egyptian hieroglyph of the Sacred Eye, a symbol of completeness, of things made more precious having been restored. Osserman’s work has been described “as provocative precisely because it feels like a new amalgam of some indefinable kind…There is a kind of magic, a sense of being taken to a place you might never visit again.” The New York Times

Conceived and directed by Wendy Osserman; choreographed by Wendy Osserman in collaboration with the dancers. Composer/Musician: Skip La Plante

Cast: Lauren Ferguson, Gary Champi, Cori Kresge, Joshua Tuason, Emily Vetsch and Wendy Osserman

*Approximately 70 minutes, No intermission

© Steven Pisano Photography