International Indigenous Festival Pikajiraa Süma (Wayuu Resilience)

April 22 – April 23
Online Stream Friday, April 23 @ 6PM EST

Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

with Coopdanza Inc./USA

International Indigenous Festival Pikajiraa Süma (Wayuu Resilience)

Thursday, April 22 @ 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST
Johnson Theater @ TNC
Separate Live-Stream Portion Online 4.23.21 @ 6 PM EST

Combination of contemporary, electronic, acoustic, and traditional Native American music. That will be alternating and interacting together: William Ruiz, Percussionist (Taino), Native Electric: Emilio China Zef Noise from Puerto Rico, with John Scott Richardson and Patrick Little Wolf Brooks. Coopdanza’s Contemporary dancers: Lorena Jaramillo and Darina Eid Harasic. Live music, spoken word, and traditional dancing: Men’s Traditional, War and Eastern War styles, educational demonstration about dance styles, explanation of the regalia symbolism.

Both events, in-person, and online, are Free. Donations are gratefully appreciated!

Online Portion: A one-hour pre-recorded compilation of Indigenous artists from all over America composed of slots from 5 to 8 minutes The participants belong to Indigenous tribes in the US as: Blackfeet from Colorado (4), Hopi/ Navajo from South Carolina(1), Mexicha from California (3). From South America, Colombia: Wayuu from La Waijiira (8), Yanacona from Cauca (5) and the children Indigenous orchestra Embera from Antioquia (20) and from Argentina: composer Juan Namancura, Mapuche. Plus 3 different Indigenous dance companies with amazing scenic video work, sound, choreography, and lighting: Dancing Earth, directed by Rulan Tangen (Metis) from New Mexico, Coopdanza, Inc/Colombia, and Pies del Sol Dance Theater in collaboration with Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz interpreted by Quartet Q Arte, inspired on Pastos Culture from Nariño from Colombia. Participants are all ages, from 6 years old to adults.

COVID Protocol and Etiquette:
If not vaccinated, we require a negative Covid-19 test result taken within the past 3 to 5 days of arrival. The members of the audience will need a printed-out version of test results, or vaccine card, in hand in order to expedite prompt show openings.

Temperatures will be taken at the door. Masks and social distancing are always required.