STARLIGHT, the first in a Climate Change Cycle of Plays

July 10 – July 10
Saturday, July 10 @ 7PM

Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director, Presents:

Reading of STARLIGHT, the first in a Climate Change Cycle of Plays

Saturday, July 10 @ 7PM

Writer, Gina Russell Tracy
Director, Christopher Tracy

STARLIGHT introduces us to a poor but loving family struggling to eke out a living on the New England shoreline; in an irony worthy of O’Henry the mother’s factory is destroying her husband’s livelihood, and their daughter’s investigations invoke the wrath of her mother’s employers in a frightening harbinger of our current climate crisis.

CAST: Alison Fraser as Mother, Michael Marotta as Father, Ashley McLeod as Michelle, Vincent Ticali as the Radio Announcer, Mary Tierney as the Crone

105 minutes w/ 5 minute intermission.

COVID Protocol and Etiquette:
If not vaccinated, we require a negative Covid-19 test result taken within the past 3 to 5 days of arrival. The members of the audience will need a printed-out version of test results, or vaccine card, in hand in order to expedite prompt show openings.

Temperatures will be taken at the door. Masks and social distancing are always required.