TNC “On The Air”: Orville Station

By Frank J. Avella
April 15 – April 15


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

TNC “On The Air”

Orville Station

TNC “On The Air”, a live reading of Orville Station by Frank J. Avella (Vatican Falls, Lured & Consent) on Wednesday, April 15, 2020 at 7PM. This will be the first in a series of Live readings on Theater for the New City‘s Facebook page.

The show must go ON…LINE! During this time of social isolation, Theater for the New City (TNC) continues to keep arts alive with performances from the TNC community and abroad featured on TNC’s Website, and Facebook and Instagram channels.

The cast includes Alice Barrett Mitchell, John DiMino, Michael Ford, Cali Gilman and Marc Lombardo as Chizzy with Technical Direction and Narration by John David West.

Orville Station delves into that dark, festering world that lies beneath the picture-perfect suburban towns in America where boredom and the false promises of a better life have left some folks feeling “cheated and betrayed,” to quote Nathanael West from THE DAY OF THE LOCUST.

Lenny is a 25-year-old screenwriter wannabe whose one script was met with universal rejection. He and his friends travel to NYC each weekend to alleviate some of the dullness of life in the fictional town of Orville, NJ. Into their complacent lives burrows the mysterious Chizzy who convinces Lenny that he must do, “something drastic” if he wants to succeed. Orville has the dubious distinction of most train deaths per year in the Garden State (stats based on a real Jersey town). Orville Station is set post-COVID-19 and examines the fear and anxiety that comes with potential change. Dreaming is safe but actively pursuing that dream can often provide the ultimate terror.