TNC “On The Air” Presents Everything Dark in this World

January 14 – January 14
Thursday, January 14 @ 7PM

Crystal Field, Executive Director

TNC “On The Air”

Everything Dark in this World

Thursday, January 14 @ 7PM EST

EVERYTHING DARK IN THIS WORLD is a comedic play about coming to terms with the choices we’ve made in life and trying to find out if there’s still time for a second chance. DELIA and ROY – neighbors for many years on the same Manhattan block – have a complicated relationship, it’s friendly, but also fraught with years of personal history. DELIA is the sum of all her anxieties which leads to several questionable decisions and ROY is an old soul struggling with painful inner demons. Told in three distinct sections, with tons of humor and heart, we follow their intertwined lives as ROY tries to save DELIA from making the same mistakes he did.

Julie Hays, playwright
Brian J. Carter, director
Stacie Morgain Lewis, DELIA
Tom Ashton, ROY
Ricardo Vazquez, CONNOR
Brian J. Carter, THE DOCTOR
Eve Plumb, ANNETTE
Stage Directions read by Justin Dusenbury