TNC “On The Air” Presents Knock ‘Em Dead!

By Jim DeMarse
Directed by Mary Tierney
August 6 – August 6


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

TNC “On The Air”

Knock ‘Em Dead!
Thursday, August 6 at 7:00PM by Jim DeMarse
“Doors” Open at 6:45PM

Snappy is a made-up name for this comedian. It could be a clown name but he likes it and he needs it to make his mark. For so many pathetic years he has played in two-bit clubs in Brooklyn, Jersey, Bronx, Queens, and Tuxedo Park.
Then one night through every fault of his own, he becomes entangled with a mob gang similar to “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight” or spell straight, not sure. They believe that Snappy has info about a corrupt politician that could make them rich – not Donald Trump by the way. The play basically revolves around a farcical chase to kidnap Snappy and hold him for ransom for some reason that makes absolutely no sense. He meets a girl that really makes no real sense either, so at that point of the story he thinks he’s in love as if you can “think” whether you are in love of not. So, he dives head first into an empty pool. This provides a smattering of laughs along with some head wounds. In the end we hope that love contains the great cosmic laugh or at least a method on how to get it. If this is not puzzling, then something is wrong.


Marty Shakar
Bob Adrian
David Elyha
Alex Elmaleh
Mary Tierney
Sarah Maria Lafferty