TNC “On The Air” presents My Dinner with Mary

By Coni Koepfinger
Directed by Byron C. Saunders
November 19 – November 19
Thursday, November 19 @ 7PM

Crystal Field, Executive Director

TNC “On The Air”

My Dinner with Mary

Coni Koepfinger, playwright
Byron C. Saunders, director
Jak Prince, stage manager
Joe Izen, composer
featuring, Mary Tierney & Mary Ellen Ashley

Broadway veterans, Mary Ellen Ashley and Mary Tierney both have had quite successful and satisfying careers. Now in their golden years, Mary invites Mary Ellen to dinner to question why they didn’t stay close. What caused them to become estranged? Was it guilt from an illicit affair? Or envy that caused betrayal? Yet after sorting through some cloudy memories, the truth comes out. Or does it? When they start sharing moment-to-moment intimacies, Mary proposes that they collaborate on a play about their lives. Mary Ellen agrees but thinks it should be a musical. In the process of creating their legacy project, their bond begins to grow stronger. Fact, fiction, fantasy, and frustration all blend together in a bittersweet tale of two actors trying to find meaning at this stage of their lives. What results are touching and totally unpredictable.

*Approx. 90 minutes