TNC “On The Air” presents PULL THIS OUT! or A Play About Nerds

January 28 – January 28
Thursday, January 28 @ 7PM EST

Crystal Field, Executive Director

TNC “On The Air”

PULL THIS OUT! or  A Play About Nerds

Thursday, January 28 @ 7PM EST

Dan Moldovan, playwright
Trent Daniels, director

‘PULL THIS OUT! or A Play About Nerds’ is a modern escapist comedy set in an alternate universe that COVID, Tonald Drump, and his flying monkeys have never touched. Meet TYLER— Tyler has a date tonight and enlists the help of his longest running best friend, and poster boy for mastery of social skills, CHRIS. CHRIS is the Ying to TYLER’s Yang and knows him better than anyone which works to TYLER’s benefit (and detriment) in preparation for his date this evening.

Full of twists, turns, unforgettable characters, and banter, ‘PULL THIS OUT!’ is guaranteed to put a smile on your face at a time where it often feels like happiness is a chore. As any nerd would tell you, we are all superheroes constantly fighting our own personal nemeses. No matter who or what they may be, the fight for yourself is always worthwhile. I hope you join us on January 28th for a night of joy, escape, and diversity.

Jordan Dallam* as Tyler
Joya Richmond* as Tasha
Dan Moldovan as Chris
Josh Greenblatt* as Givenchy
Fiona White as Ellen
Sean Welsh Brown reading Stage Directions
* denotes a member of Actor’s Equity Association

(This show is a celebration of everyone but will most appropriately be enjoyed by humans 16+ for language)