TNC “On The Air” presents The Dying Room

December 17 – December 17
Thursday, December 17 @ 7PM

Crystal Field, Executive Director

TNC “On The Air”

The Dying Room
by John Wesley Braswell

Thursday, December 17 @ 7PM EST

The dying room is a room in a nursing home where for some reason the elderly often die. Elijah a patient in the room sits and waits as his own is being cleaned. Here he wrestles with death, his past, his ghosts, and his demons as they become flesh and blood reminders of his triumphs and failures. The dying room reminds that one life does not matter, except if it happens to be your life.

Elijah is Jason Laws
Ben is James Ealy
Stanley is Allen Porterie
Delores is Monique Pappas
Susan is Antonia Badon
Rhonda is Elizabeth Perez
Jamal is Benny Flames
Isabel is Daria Jones
Narrator/Directed by Greg Freelon
Assistant to the Playwright, Felicia Clark