TNC “On The Air” Presents The White Blacks

By Melanie Goodreaux
Directed by Melanie Goodreaux
June 18 – June 18


Crystal Field, Executive Director, Presents:

TNC “On The Air”

The White Blacks
Thursday, June 18 at 7:00PM by Melanie Goodreaux
“Doors” Open at 6:45PM

Melanie Maria Goodreaux’s latest play takes place in the 1970s and addresses the complicated racial distinctions that plague one New Orleans family with a line of lighter skinned African-Americans that “pass for white.” They “pretend” to be white to reap the benefits that come with ‘whiteness’ but at what cost? The gamut of blackness is brought up by this honest look at colorism in New Orleans.  Love lives long, and here romance, family secrets, and generational curses get all mixed up in Alva’s gumbo!

Renee McNeil
Kristina King
Marsha-Ann Hay
Hollie Harper
Shyla Idris
Marcos Palma
India Stachyra
Linda Greene
Anthony Harper
Jonathan Eddy Duran
Hector Lincoln
Christine Sloan Stoddard
Neena Phillips
Stacey Griffin
Albert Iturregui-Elias
Dan Kelley
Frances Suro
Alexander Yuille

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