TNC “On The Air” Presents Why Can’t You Say It and Ay Corona

By Barry Primus
September 24 – September 24
Thursday, 7PM EST


Crystal Field, Executive Director, presents:

TNC “On The Air”

Why Can’t You Sat It and Ay Corona
by Barry Primus

Thursday, September 24th at 7PM
“Doors” Open at 6:45PM

Why Can’t You Say It:

A night in a motel on their way to a tense family get together forces a long-married couple to, once again, navigate their differing emotional needs, leading them to find new insights and refreshed love.

Man- Barry Primus
Woman- Lisa Richards
Written by Barry Primus
Directed by Todd Felderstein

Ay Corona:

Two people who started a relationship in the time of Coronavirus over the Internet are forced now, because of a renewed lockdown, to do something they’ve never really done before: talk.  In doing so, they find out about who they’ve actually become involved with.

Jonathan- Kevin Kelly
Molly- Delissa Reynolds
Written by Barry Primus
Directed by Barry Primus